Introducing Thami who has recently completed his Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Thami’s Story

I would  loved to just take an opportunity to share a message.

" The most common way people give up their power is by thinking that they don't have any". Alice Walker 

I am one of the lucky student to have a great  opportunity to be a proudly student of Yes Trust Foundation. I thank them for all the support they have given multiple students through all their kindness. I am Thamsanqa MTSHAWU  one of the Yes Trust student who currently Graduated  with a Diploma in Business Adminstration Specializing in Supply Chain through Richfield College, I thank them for the support that I had gotten from them in reaching my goal. Today I am more motivated to furthering my Diploma into a Degree

Through the knowledge that I have taken from the Yes Trust of how important education is, The empowerment from other students makes me feel that am part of something important in life. 

Today through the support of the Yes Trust, I finally became  a Graduated. Thank you all for all the other students that you have helped reach their goals.

In December I did my inservice training with Spar Village Mall, January I was currently blessed with a  permanent position to be working with Spar as their receiving clerk in their supply chain department at Spar Village Mall  ( Kloof )

Its such a wonderful experience to see you self grow in the right hands, knowing that theirs  people around you who will give you a fully supported  care structure from the community  down to students. 

I just want to take the time to say a very big thank you to each one of you guys, for the time to start and run something like this. And thank you for making a difference in each one of our life's  growing up and building doctor s, teacher s ,  accountant's and Receiving clerk s. Keep the good work that you guys do.